SoundWaves SCIO - Mendelssohn on Mull
Mendelssohn on Mull

Since 2018

In 2018 the Doric String Quartet became Artistic Directors of Mendelssohn on Mull. They are well known, of course, as wonderful performers but they are also (individually and as a quartet) excellent teachers and mentors to the next generation of string players. Young artists on the brink of a professional career jump at the chance to be part of this week of immersive music making.

SoundWaves SCIO - Mendelssohn on Mull

As with many other musical events, Mendelssohn on Mull could not take place in 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions.

We used that gap to refine the structure of Mendelssohn on Mull and to rebrand our publicity.  Since 2021 eight young professionals have joined the Dorics for a week of intense rehearsal and to present eight concerts in venues across Mull and Iona.
The repertoire is wide ranging and challenging and, as audiences, we are always amazed at how musicians who have not played together before arriving inTobermory can achieve a performance standard that would impress in any international music venue.
our timeline

Mendelssohn on Mull since 2018

Mendelssohn on Mull 2018

1 - 7 JULY 2018
After 30 years with individual Artistic Directors we welcomed a quartet to the role, and how lucky we were to engage the Doric String Quartet!
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Mendelssohn on Mull 2019

1 - 7 SEPTEMBER 2019
This year we welcomed Ying Xue who joined the Doric Quartet in the autumn.
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Mendelssohn on Mull 2021

5 - 9 SEPTEMBER 2021
Our scheduled week in September 2020 was inevitably cancelled, and when we met again it was under restrictions. But the warmth of our audiences’ reception was as powerful as ever.
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Mendelssohn on Mull 2022

19 - 23 SEPTEMBER 2022
Ying Xue could not be with her fellow members of the Doric Quartet in 2022, as she was expecting a baby who arrived in October.
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Mendelssohn on Mull 2023

3 - 7 SEPTEMBER 2023
We were delighted that we had capacity audiences at all five evening concerts. We were able to return to Iona for the first time since 2019 for a lunchtime concert in the spectacular new Village Hall.
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This is only part of our story!

Mendelssohn on Mull started in 1988 under the direction of the renowned violinist Leonard Friedman.

We are gathering material for an archive on this site but, for now, we have a short history of the origins and development over 35 years.